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Eliminator Products Partners...

...are more than just our dealers, vendors, customers, or other service providers.  They share a common bond in service to a particular customer or marketplace.  Read carefully through this list, and you'll agree that we've created alliances with the best in the industry, in order to serve you in the same manner.





IA Engineering - North America Logo

IA Engineering of North America, Inc.
4840 N. Adams Road, Suite 259
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Phone: 248-941-8035
IA Engineering offers cost-effective solutions for our customer's automation and manufacturing needs. We employ experienced professionals with expertise in automation and manufacturing systems, from product development support through integration and installation. Our team incorporates the latest technologies and software, teamed with proven design practices to exceed our customer's expectations. We maintain continuous improvement plans in project management, quality, technology, cost control and customer support.

Our expertise and execution lead to lasting, beneficial relationships with our customers and our employees. We offer engineering support through one of two methods: off-site support with single point of contact for all communication; or as on-site support teaming our experienced staff with your Project Management and support teams.

Motor Castings Company

Motor Castings Company
1323 South 65th Street
Milwaukee, WI  53214
Phone: 414.476.1434
Fax: 414.476.2845
Motor Castings began operations in 1919. Then, as now, the elements for success were clearly defined: produce quality castings, competitively priced, and deliver them on time. These elements will always remain the cornerstones of success, but things are much different today. Remarkable new techniques, equipment, alloys, analytical instrumentation, and knowledge are used to produce products of unsurpassed quality.

Motor Castings is on the leading edge of casting technologies, offering: Statistical Process Control, Ceramic Inserts, Computerized Design, Just-In-Time Delivery, Guaranteed Quality Program, Special Metals Research, Elevated Temperature Program and more...
We have recorded broad but detailed metallurgical experiences with gray and ductile irons, compacted graphite iron, ductile niresist and steels. Each job suggests different options. In every assignment, having the flexibility to alter sand or alloy composition -- and the experience to predict the outcome of these alterations -- gives Motor Castings' customers a decided edge in product design and cost containment.

N+1 Logo

N+1 Generators
31445 Arizona St
Livonia, MI 48150
N+1 Generators designs and builds spark-ignited, internal combustion driven, electric power systems for applications which use non-traditional and renewable fuels. The designs span a power range from 100 kW to multi Megawatts, using modular construction methods and industrial communication & controls. Most of the designs are plug-n-play, suitable for direct connection to the grid.
Designs done by our staff are in some notable places, such as the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) wind turbine test site near Boulder, Colorado and the Natural Resources Canada wind turbine test site on Ramea Island, Newfoundland. The company is headquartered near Detroit, MI.

National Pattern

National Pattern
5900 Sherman Road
Saginaw, MI 48604
Phone: 989.755.6274
Fax: 989.755.0946
National Pattern, Inc. has a qualified engineering staff that is always ready to collaborate with you on tool, fixture, casting, and machine design. The diversified skills of our people allow us to assist customers in the development of new casting processes and techniques. We regularly train key employees on the advances of technology such as new computer modeling techniques, new part programming, and advances in CNC machining. We also have a well-established apprenticeship program that insures that we add the best qualified new employees to out staff.
The innovative computer system at National Pattern, Inc. insures that we are flexible and powerful enough to initiate any pattern design. Computer services include Unigraphics, Work NC, Computer Vision, Ideas 6.0, Catia, and AutoCAD. National Pattern, Inc. also has a variety of data storage formats that allows our customers and us, uncomplicated data transfer between each other.
Computer modeling, design, and programming are fully integrated into the manufacturing and validation process. DNC, CNC, Digitized and Reverse Engineering are some of the capabilities that places National Pattern, Inc. in an excellent position to insure that we obtain the highest possible quality. Future investments will insure that National Pattern, Inc. will remain on the leading edge of tooling technology.

 BDI, Inc.

BDI, Inc.
4670 Hatchery Rd., Suite B
Waterford, MI 48329
 BDI, Inc. is the machining center for a variety of performance and industrial products made from cast iron, compacted graphite, billet aluminum and cast aluminum. Located in Waterford, Michigan, BDI has earned a reputation as a leader in block lightening as well.


Induction Dynamics Technology
2105 Miller Road
Allenton, MI 48002
Phone: 810.395.2779
Induction Dynamics Technology is a premier provider of engineered solutions for racing applications.  We will not take a cookie cutter approach to your racing solutions.  Our experience in developing customized solutions for each client’s application gives us the distinction of leader and best.
Our engines and custom induction systems are built with the best components available for optimal performance and reliability.  Our capabilities, exemplary service and extensive experience make us:

A1 Technologies

A1 Technologies
7022 Alondra Boulevard
Paramount CA 90723
Phone: 562.408.1808
Fax: 562.408.2005
Over the last 20 years, A1 Technologies has earned the reputation of being one of the premier fastener manufacturers for the United States racing industry.  A1 Technologies put its expertise to work for the racing industry in the early 80s, developing close relationships with the industry’s finest engine builders, connecting rod and engine block manufacturers.


Today, we are the fastener manufacturer of choice for many top teams and manufacturers in CART, IRL, NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, IHBA, as well as many others for their critical fastener needs.

Look for the A1 Mark of Quality. It may be that you already use and depend on A1 fasteners.


Mid-States Bolt and Screw Company

Mid-States Bolt and Screw Company
4126 Somers Drive
Burton, MI 48529
Mid-States Bolt & Screw’s endless selection of industrial fasteners and hardware ensures that we provide the perfect solution for any construction and industrial application.
With over 75,000 standard and special quality fasteners available, we promise to precisely meet your fastener needs.
Mid-States Bolt & Screw maintains outstanding inventories at six Michigan Locations to guarantee that you not only get exactly what you need, you get it exactly when and where you need it.

Folks Automotive Machine, Inc.

Folks Automotive Machine, Inc.
541 N.E. 12th Avenue
Norman, OK 73071
Folks Automotive Machine is well known as the premier machining and assembly company in the United States that specializes in natural gas engines designed for industrial purposes. We have a knowledgeable staff dedicated to build anything from ‘one-off’ prototypes to production assembled engines. In addition, Folks has dyno test facilities to startup/test every engine before it leaves our shop. The current demand for aftermarket performance and alternative fuel engines are a growing business at Folks. We welcome you to tour our facilities.


101 Park Ave., 12th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone:  405.677.0221
Toll Free: 800.259.2714
Fax: 405.677.7046
Compressco, a TETRA Technologies Company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a leading manufacturer of Production Enhancement Solutions for Marginal and Low Pressure Oil and Gas Wells. Utilizing the GasJack™ technology, the company’s Production Enhancement Solutions can dramatically increase the daily production and total recoverable reserves allowing the customer to substantially increase both cash flows and the net present value of their producing reserves of natural oil and gas.

Marginal wells currently represent more than 64% of all domestic natural gas wells, but account for less than 10% of total domestic production. With demand for natural gas outstripping domestic supply, technologies to enhance production and profitability of marginal wells have become increasingly necessary. The GasJack™ fills this niche allowing the producer to extend the life and viability of this valuable resource.

Sales and Service Operations are located throughout the producing regions of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. A full-service Petroleum Engineering office is located in Houston, Texas to provide customers with well-evaluation candidate selection for best results. This information provides optimal application success and the two-week trial service can confirm the viability of the Production Enhancement Solution prior to agreeing to a monthly service term. Compressco is “your Production and Profit Enhancement Partner!”

 QualCast, LLC

QualCast, LLC
1854 Air Lane Drive, Unit 10
Nashville, TN 37210-3816
QualCast, LLC was founded in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. The primary objective of QualCast was, and is, to provide the engine parts aftermarket with the best quality products available in the world, at competitive prices, through the best service and most efficient distribution system. QualCast specializes in valve train components from valves to lifters, and also distributes new water pumps, injector tubes, and freeze plugs.
The QualCast Team based in Nashville Tennessee, USA are all dedicated to serving their selected customer base, to ensure the right parts are delivered efficiently and economically.

 Hydrogen Engine Center

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.
Dana Hollinger Industrial Park
2502 E Poplar Street
Algona, IA 50511
Phone: 515.295.3178
Fax:  515.395.1877
Currently the distributed power industry is dominated by diesel-fueled generators.  Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) offers a clean solution that will fit into the environmental requirements of countries who have signed the Kyoto Protocol. Additionally, states like California are independently regulating emissions and cities like New York have experienced the unpleasant environmental impact of polluting diesel-fueled generators that supply backup power during a brownout.
Our path to an emissions-free system includes alternative-fueled and hydrogen-fueled engines, which are exceptionally well-suited for many markets, including the ground support equipment industry.  Many airports utilize enclosed passageways for baggage tractors and belt loaders.  Currently those routes are reserved for electric vehicles or vehicles operated by fuel cells.  Oxx Power™ hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines combine two major needs:  power and near-zero emissions.
 HEC’s Oxx Power™ engines are configured to have the same form, fit and function as industrial engines currently in common use.  These engines serve as replacement engines for the industrial user who has been dependent upon a manufacturer of traditional gasoline-fueled industrial engines.  The initial Oxx Power™ engines are standard gasoline powered internal combustion engines.  However, HEC’s engines can be easily converted to hydrogen or other alternative fuels in the future.  The end user is in a position to adjust the fuel utilized, whether for cost or availability of fuel or a legislative environment that forces compliance with emissions.

Penguin Web Services LLC

117 Legacy Park Circle

Dearborn Height, MI  48127

Phone:  313.982.7759


As unlikely as the name seems, you have to admit that if anyone has "cool webs", it's gotta be that cute, wobbly, flightless, but sociable bird that lives at the bottom of the world.  And if you think they can't "fly", then you haven't seen them underwater!  Penguin Web Services LLC has a team of creative professionals that will design and market your business over the internet so that your speed shop can have a cool website that really makes your business fly!   


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