After obtaining a Nuclear Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Michael S. Bowery held various positions at the Fermi 2 Nuclear Power plant and DTE Energy. His experiences included in-service technician, designer, engineering supervisor, Corporate Steering Committee Manager and Power Distribution Director. In 1997, Mike turned a lifelong passion into a business when he opened a high performance speed shop specializing in Ford race engines. After several years of building his business, Mike formed Eliminator Performance Products Inc., a result of his experiences in alternative fuels and the speed shop.

Eliminator Products manufactures engine components for performance and industrial BBF engine applications. Since 2003, Eliminator has been involved in the design and assembly of “purpose-built” alternative fueled engines that operate on well-head gas, natural gas, CNG, propane, hydrogen, syngas, producer gas, and ammonia. These engines are utilized in a variety of applications including generator, pump and compression.

The interdependence between performance and industrial segments cannot be understated. Eliminator takes "lessons learned" from the performance industry and applies them to the industrial market and vice-versa, producing extremely stout product lines. Durability and reliability are essential in both markets; therefore Eliminator is obligated to remain abreast of new technologies as they arrive.

Eliminator is committed to on-going product development and improvements. Partnering with industry leaders in disciplines of design, tooling, casting, machining and hardware is essential. Furthermore, each year engine builders, designers and racers from around the world provide vital input and appreciate our welcome ear at the PRI show. Together, this team has created awesome products and solved complex manufacturing challenges through what we call "Epiphany Engineering." The net result: products that Eliminator manufactures are unmatched in the industry.

Many, many thanks to all who work tirelessly to make Eliminator’s vision a reality.

At Eliminator Products, the goal is to provide superior engineered and quality products to the BBF aftermarket industry. The key to Eliminator’s success is two-fold; First, identify needs in the performance and industrial sectors through countless conversations with everyone from weekend racers to industry ‘leaders’. Second, assemble a highly dedicated team consisting of experts in development engineering, testing, and manufacturing to produce quality products at an affordable price. We are proud to state that all apects of our products are all 100% American made; design, tooling, casting and machining.

Life goes by Fast… Go Faster! TM

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