All Eliminator products are categorized at two levels: Performance or Industrial

Performance Products

Performance products we manufacture for the BBF market are designed to meet a wide variety of aftermarket needs; ranging from weekend speed enthusiasts to racing professionals. Whether car, truck, tractor or boat, Eliminator Products works hard to exceed the never ending appetite for engine muscle. Since 2003 the power levels, reliability and customer service are unmatched by the competition. Our products are truly 100% American made: from the engineering and design of foundry tooling, to castings poured whether iron or aluminum, as well as ALL aspects of machining… everything is done here in the United States!

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Industrial Products

Industrial products we manufacture for the BBF market are developed through an extremely personal relationship with our customers. We guarantee customer satisfaction from the onset. Individual consultations that include standard NDA’s and Non-Compete agreements keep business plans and proprietary information private. The foundation of success in manufacturing customer specific industrial products is focusing on durability and reliability, achieved through hard work, dedication and engineering with creative problem solving. Mutual honesty and integrity is what makes our business relationships last. Whether cast iron or aluminum, we have the capability to manufacture industrial products competitively, here in the United States. 

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