Hard to believe, but it's true! After way too long it has finally happened. As it was expressed to many of those who 'encouraged' this to happen... our focus has been building the Eliminator BBF product line, not our social media presence.

Well, the tide has changed and this is only the beginning.

Eliminator may not become a household name used in conversations along with... "please pass me the potatoes."  But it can become a speed shop name used in conversations along with... "please pass me the torque wrench!"

New A-head coming soon! 10/18/18

Just to confirm the rumors: YES, Eliminator is in the final stages of manufacturing two new A-heads for the BBF market! We are excited about bringing the 'latest-and-greatestin cylinder head technology to market. Sure to make a tsunami splash in the racing world!

PRI Show 2018 10/18/18

Eliminator Products will be in Booth 1432 in the Green Hall. Come see our new booth location.

See the new Aluminum Premier EC block, along with the awesome RCV1,  Big V and A-head Blower intake manifolds, and Aluminum F460, CJ:R & CJ:HP heads.

Also, we can discuss 11.3" and 12.3" Tall Deck blocks and a preview the products Eliminator will be manufacturing in 2018. 

For all who need to know... Eliminator will be next to the Keith Fulp Motorsports booth, because we all know Keith gives away some really nice stuff!


Hard to believe, 15 years ago Eliminator was incorporated. Like many great companies, it started in a garage. It was inspired by a retired Ford executive challenge: “If it’s so simple to manufacture a BBF block correctly, build it yourself!”  This was nurtured by the personal thoughts… “how difficult could that be?” Little did I know!

1903 was a year that will go down in infamy; the year Ford Motor Company was incorporated. Exactly 100 years later, Eliminator Performance Products did the same. Now 15 years later, Eliminator and the BBF are going strong!

Join us in celebrating by electronically lifting a glass or the hood of your car as we toast “HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY” to Eliminator

RCV1 Cylinder Head 11/21/16

Meet the Best flowing cylinder head bar none!

Our CNC version has a whopping 647cfm Intake

Aluminum F460 head 11/24/16

The amazing F460 has reached two milestones:

1.  The CNC flow numbers are fantastic;

Intake flow numbers have reached 440 cfm! Exhaust flow numbers have reached 300 cfm!

[Please note that these flow numbers are with standardvalve angles.]

2.  The F460 is now available is both Cast Iron and Aluminum

Congrats to Oscar Trbovich 11/15/16

Congrats to Full Pull Champion Oscar Trbovich 2016 Champion of the USA East Sled Pulling; Classic V8 Modified!

It's no coincidence that Oscar's unique tractor "Freaky Farmall" is powered by a set of CNC ported Eliminator CJ:HP cylinder heads!

Again, Congratulations

Ammonia Conference 2016 9/17/16

This year's ammonia conference is located at UCLA, Sept 18-22!

Grigorii L. Soloveichik is the keynote speaker from
U.S. Department of Energy, ARPA-E, Washington, DC

Also, see previous ammonia conferences that highlight ammonia engines built by Eliminator Products!

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