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Big V Intake

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Our Price: $850.00 USD

The new Big V intake manifold will result in a significant increase in power for those who want to achieve the next level of performance.  This can be accomplished with a simple intake manifold change-out! Eliminator had many discussion at the previous PRI show regarding the need for a true performance single plane, dominator-style intake manifold for the BBF market. Eliminator enlisted the support of intake manifold design specialist and fabricator, Steve Vance, to develop the Big V aluminum intake manifold. After seemingly endless hours of development fabrication, welding, grinding and dyno testing we have a remarkable product.  It is designed to invoke shock-and-awe for those who desire a serious upgrade to their high rpm, A-head engine. To meet the needs of various racers, it has multiple, direct port injectors. The Big V intake has a valley tray, water crossover and can accept standard thermostat housings! The dyno tested power increase over a ported Trickflow A-head intake is over 45 HP for a 7500rpm, 572 ci, performance engine. As you may expect… this is a fantastic combination to go with our new A, A+ and F460 cylinder heads! 

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