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The Eliminator Performance Products Cylinder Heads

Our Price: $875.00 USD

The F460 cylinder heads are available in either cast iron ($875) or aluminum ($975) and includes a revolutionary design with ‘A-460 style’ intake ports (square port) coupled with BBC race exhaust ports, yet maintains OE 429/460 stock factory valve angles & spacing! F460 cylinder heads use any standard 429/460 wedge flat top piston. OE 429/460 guide plates and stud girdles fit perfectly. F460 flow numbers are indicative of very efficient ports with intake flows capable of 350cfm @.600 and 380cfm @.900 with 2.25” valves (320cc runners). The BBC exhaust is capable of 240cfm @.600" and 285cfm @.900" with 1.71” valves (138cc runners). Has 74cc chambers. Designed with engine builders in mind, F460 heads may be purchased blank; i.e. no seats cut or guides sized.

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