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Ultra Block

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Our Price: $2,625.00 USD

The Ultra block is essentially the same block as the Premier but is configured with different main bearing caps and fasteners. Designed for 2000 HP.

  • Bore size is 4.495” (ready for 4.500” hone), but capable of 4.700” bore diameter with a nominal .190” wall thickness
  • Designed to accept 18-bolt BBF heads with the correct angle at inside four bolt locations (10-bolt heads will work too!)
  • Solid Ladder valley tray with cross-supports for incredible top-end strength and capable of large lifter bores
  • Siamese water jacket design with additional jacket volume for water to assist cylinder bore cooling
  • Crankshaft main caps #1 - #5 are ‘nodular’ cast iron, 4-bolt and press fit; Splayed caps #2, #3 and #4
  • Main caps secured with Grade 8 bolts and hardened washers (can be upgraded to ARP hardware)
  • Main caps have hollow dowels to ensure proper location and alignment, after caps have been removed. 
  • Cam housing bores machined to 2.500” diameter, thus accepting 54mm roller cam bearings
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