Future Products

The scuddlebutt regarding a new A-head by Eliminator is only half correct. Eliminator is not just coming out with one new A-head in 2019, but two! The first A-head will challenge the performance characteristic of any A-head currently being made or made in the past (i.e. EX 514 or 903A+ head).  The second A-head will surely bring Shock and Awe to the racing world in 2019! In fact, we will be debuting the second 'killer' A-head at the PRI show this December in a rapid prototype format (i.e. plastic). The protytype head will be fully dressed with rocker arm hardware designed and manufactured by the team at Visner Engine Development. As always, we are looking for engine builder input before finalizing it. Stop by the Eliminator booth and give us your two cents... remember you can always leave a buck!

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