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Welcome to Eliminator!

Urgent News!

Eliminator has successfully created a Roadster that runs entirely on carbon-free Ammonia (NH3) Fuel!
Click here for the full story and return often for photos of the project and a video of the car.

At Eliminator Performance Products, our goal is to provide superior engineered, quality products to the aftermarket sector, for both Performance and Industrial purposes.


The keys to our success are:

  1. To identify needs in the industry through countless conversations with everyone from weekend racers to industry leaders.
  2. To assemble a highly dedicated team consisting of experts in Design and Development Engineering, Testing, and Manufacturing to produce quality products at affordable prices.

For Eliminator, the interdependence of the performance and industrial segments cannot be underestimated.  We have taken "lessons learned" from the performance industry and applied them to the industrial market and vice-versa, producing extremely stout product lines.  Durability and reliability are essential in both markets; therefore we are obligated to remain abreast of new technologies as they arrive.


Our products are designed for a wide variety of applications and we're proud that they're 100% American made, which includes design, tooling, casting, and machining.


Performance Products

Industrial Products

Performance products are designed to meet a wide variety of aftermarket performance needs; ranging from weekend speed enthusiasts to racing professionals.


Industrial products are designed for industrial applications or replacement engines.  Many of these products have specific casting or machining requirements specially tailored to fit a particular need.

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